The EnduraTech™ Premier Roofing System

A High-Performance, Durable, Lightweight Roofing Solution Reducing Your Energy Needs and Maintenance Costs.

Whatever your roofing needs, whatever your roofing problems, EnduraTech™ is the roofing solution you’ve been looking for. EnduraTech™ offers four distinct roofing systems, each designed to address specific concerns.

The EnduraTech™ System protects and strengthens your roof with two key components: EnduraTech™ Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) and EnduraTech™ Premium Acrylic Coating.

Step One – EnduraTech™Advanced Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Roofing The EnduraTech™ System begins with a layer of spray polyurethane foam. SPF gives you the best possible performance and value for your commercial roofing project, with substantial cost savings in installation, operation, and long-term sustainability.

SPF offers:

• Improved Energy Efficiency and Lower Operating Costs

Coated SPF roofing technology outperforms every other system on the market when it comes to maximizing energy and cost savings. NCFI SPF provides an outstanding R-value that is customized to meet your project needs.

• Ease of Installation

SPF is applied as a spray and requires no screws or fasteners, so its flexibility is limitless. The polyurethane foam adheres directly to a wide variety of existing substrates and can literally be applied to any shape, configuration, or contour. Coated SPF can be applied over existing roofs, so usually there's no need to tear the current roof off and pay for disposal.

• Durability

SPF is seamless and watertight and its water and wind uplift resistance have been proven under hurricane conditions. Because of its durability and the fact that it can be recoated multiple times, there are buildings that still have coated foam roofs that were installed over 30 years ago.

Step Two – EnduraTech™ Premium Acrylic Coating

The EnduraTech™ Premium Acrylic Coatings provide a complete solution whether you have an existing metal, asphalt or tar roof. To meet different climate requirements, we offer a variety of coating options that provide superior reflectivity, and many also meet Energy Star guidelines for improved energy efficiency:

EnduraTech™ R – Standard Acrylic Roof Coating

EnduraTech™ Q – Quicksetting Acrylic Roof Coating

EnduraTech™ HT – High Tensile Acrylic Roof Coating

EnduraTech™ AP – Acrylic Primer

EnduraTech™ XP – Acrylic Modified Primer

EnduraTech™ S – Trowel Grade Sealent

The End Result –

A Superior Roof Offering High Performance and Exceptional Value An EnduraTech™ coated SPF roof will lower your energy costs, keep your tenants more comfortable and require less of your time in repair and maintenance. Add up the benefits and it’s easy to see that EnduraTech™ is the roofing solution you’ve been looking for.